Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Superhero

  In the past year my life has change drastically. I became aware of how fragile we are as human beings, and that our time on this bright-green earth is slowly fading with every passing breath. 
This year my dad began the battle of his life. A battle that would leave us, his family, lost and wishing life weren't so cruel. Late this past March, my dad got the news that he had Pancreatic Cancer, a disease that is unmerciful and creeps up without a creek or a sound. Without notice, my father’s skin turned a pale shade of yellow with hints of green- his eyes were deep and dark around the edges. My dad’s body was dying from the inside and spilling its ugliness out. Death came knocking and as always we were not prepared to open the door and face reality. Within one week of the diagnosis, my dad underwent a devastatingly dangerous surgery. This procedure, as told to us by the doctors, would allow him to live an extra 3 to 5 years, if successful. How do you begin understand that the man you thought was invincible, untouchable- a super hero-my superhero- was now dying? Is this what life is? A cold wave washing over us with water so chilling that your bones ache and your lungs seem to forget how to breathe. 
This was my reality this past March. Days and nights blurred together after the surgery. The hint of a new sunrise was a sign that we were granted one more day with him. Perhaps another would not come. My father fought, struggled and discovered a strength that was unknown to him. After 60 days and two surgeries later my dad was released to his home. His body was now frail and thinner-, 60 pounds thinner to be exact. My smiling dad did not smile anymore. His jokes that once would light up a room and cheer the solemnest of people were now silenced by the storm that was still passing through our lives. Everyday was a new gift, a brighter sunset, a deeper horizon. We learned that life could quickly bring you to your knees and leave you breathless. My father came home to find out that while still in hospital his mother, my grandmother, had passed away. One more time cancer came knocking, but this time she took without leaving a trace. My dear and loving grandmother, after battling cancer for little over a year, was now gone. She leaves behind a trail of laughter, and beautiful memories. This woman who raised me will forever be missed and never forgotten. 
Strength- A word that has a new meaning for our family now. We all have it! Deep inside, it rests waiting for the right moment to appear and rescue the weakest of hearts- my heart. 
My ever-so-brave father is undergoing chemotherapy, and through faith-prayer- and strength we continue to believe in a brighter tomorrow, that will keep coming for many-many more tomorrows.

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  1. God gave us strength to go through this year, and we've been blassed by His mercy, sis. Dad it's really loved by Him.