Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rice Science Project - Toddler

Thank you Lord for the calming rain- for the sound of life coming to a stop before is all begins over. The heavenly drops wash away the urgency we call life. As the skies clap with a dance of lights..reminding me that beauty can be found even in the midst of the storm. I bow down- slowly...while it pours, pours over my heart and what was once old has just made new. 
New as the beam of sunlight shyly hiding behind the darkness- yet it still peaks through the soul of this world to bring hope...hope for a new dawn- a new beginning.

DIY: Science with your Toddler

My 4 year old son is constitantely in motion and that requires a lot of imagination. Since he is enjoying the freedom of summer, I try to engage him in different activities.

For this fun science project you will need:
  • Rice 
  • Food coloring (or make your own with; cumin (yellow), beet (purple), blueberries (blue), cranberries (red) )

Seperate the rice in to 4 containers.


Add tap water to each container of rice


Add a few drops of food dye  to each container ( if you want to show your child how mixing colors will give you a new color, you can add 2 colors to a container)


Let the rice water sit for about 30 minutes


Rinse each rice water and place on a plate (saving the water into a cup)

You will have a fun time talking about the new colors of each rice container and the water drained from each container.
Have fun!!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No Guilt Cleaning!!

When life gives you lemons...we tend to make a sour face! forget making lemonade- who has the time? It is easier to turn sour, to give in and maybe let go. However, letting go at times takes courage. A brave heart is always bleeding..with the unknown...with the ink of fear stamped red. I wake up and feel distant with eyes locked to the fog of tomorrow-the salty strings run down my cheeks letting me taste life and loss. Although the body wants to hide, the soul seeks beauty- beauty that bathes the dawn and glistens at dusk.
One step after the next- life is messy, complicated, beautiful, painful, hopeful & so much more...

Clean without Guilt:

Make your own All- Purpose, everyday cleaning product!! I love this...non-toxic, safe for kiddies and adults.

You will need:
1- 1/4 Cup of White distilled Vinegar
2- 1 TBSP of Corn Starch ( preferably without talc)
3- One plastic squirt bottle ( look around and you will find an empty one under your sink)
4- Warm water
5- 8/10 drops of lemon essential oil (optional)

How to make:
In a small bowl combine the corn starch & vinegar until dissolved. Pour mixture into the plastic bottle, top it off with warm tap water and you are done!! If you want to add a little extra scent, you can add about 8-10 drops of lemon essential oil to the bottle and shake well.

This All-purpose cleaner can be used on counters, glass, mirrors & surfaces around your house.

Enjoy the Green life...