Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rice Science Project - Toddler

Thank you Lord for the calming rain- for the sound of life coming to a stop before is all begins over. The heavenly drops wash away the urgency we call life. As the skies clap with a dance of lights..reminding me that beauty can be found even in the midst of the storm. I bow down- slowly...while it pours, pours over my heart and what was once old has just made new. 
New as the beam of sunlight shyly hiding behind the darkness- yet it still peaks through the soul of this world to bring hope...hope for a new dawn- a new beginning.

DIY: Science with your Toddler

My 4 year old son is constitantely in motion and that requires a lot of imagination. Since he is enjoying the freedom of summer, I try to engage him in different activities.

For this fun science project you will need:
  • Rice 
  • Food coloring (or make your own with; cumin (yellow), beet (purple), blueberries (blue), cranberries (red) )

Seperate the rice in to 4 containers.


Add tap water to each container of rice


Add a few drops of food dye  to each container ( if you want to show your child how mixing colors will give you a new color, you can add 2 colors to a container)


Let the rice water sit for about 30 minutes


Rinse each rice water and place on a plate (saving the water into a cup)

You will have a fun time talking about the new colors of each rice container and the water drained from each container.
Have fun!!


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