Thursday, May 30, 2013

How much do we actually care?

I can now say that I am a vegetarian! It has been almost 2 years that my husband and I have given up #meat! 
After seeing the way that animals are treated around the world to become our food- it disturbed be to the point of action. 
Yes, action! On the principal of not becoming the reason for more animal killing, I created a meat free zone in mi casa...:)
Continue on the path laid out before me, to care for Gods creatures and to make a difference- even if in my own life. 
The truth is, that this journey has been a lot more then just giving up meat. It has meant sticking with something that truly matters to me, even when the going gets tough. This idea is much easier said than lived! I struggle with this in my life- the fear of failing, of making of fool of myself- for what? 
Well, so you can say that you tried. 
So - please consider what these godly creatures suffer for our pleasure...make a difference ...take control. 

Thank you for reading.

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